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How to Maintain Your RV Properly

Owning your RV can mean endless adventures and the freedom to explore all sorts of new places. Just as you would maintain a house, however, it’s essential to keep your RV in good condition to prevent any damage and extend the life of your vehicle. At a minimum, you should inspect your RV every three months.

Inspect Hinges and Seams

During your quarterly inspections, check all of the seams for damage or loosening. Also examine any holding tanks, air-conditioning units, skylights, and anything that has the potential to leak or develop cracks around edges. Always consult the user’s manual before applying any sealant to repair cracks or minor damage. You must use sealants that are compatible with the materials on your RV.

Check Tires Before Hitting the Road

Never begin a long trip without first checking the tires. You’ll want to inspect the tires for cracks or bulges, evaluate the tire pressure, and the lug nuts. Loose lug nuts could lead to a wheel falling off while on the road. Proper tire pressure will also ensure a more fuel-efficient ride.

Don't Forget Batteries

Test the batteries for your RV before heading out. Getting a dead battery in the middle of nowhere is dangerous and can put a significant damper on your trip. Check not only the battery in the engine but also small batteries inside your RV such as those in smoke detectors.

Keep Your (Vehicle) System Regular

Keeping the waste unit in good condition is extremely important. Empty the waste system regularly and have plenty of water in the tank. Keeping the tank cleared and prepared with water will help prevent issues such as clogging. Pack gloves for your trip so you can protect yourself when emptying the tank and locate dump stations when mapping your travels.

Treat It like a House and Expensive Car Combined

The basics of vehicle maintenance apply just as much to your RV as they do any car. Having safe brakes is not only of utmost importance to yourself but also to the safety of others on the road. Change your oil regularly and keep it at the proper levels. Inspect for leaks under your RV. Simple things such as windshield wiper fluid are also important. During long journeys cross-country, you can encounter unexpected mud or excessive dust that can impair your visibility. Take care of your RV just as you would a high-end car.

Keep the Out-Of-Sight in Mind

Although it’s out of eye-line, don’t neglect the roof of your RV. Consult your manual to see if you have a roof that is capable of being walked on for cleaning. If it is not suitable for walking weight, you can use a long-handled broom to clean the roof. Cleaning the roof of your RV will help keep substances such as tree sap from damaging rubber or vinyl sealants. You want to avoid using petroleum-based cleaners or citric acid bases on rubber or vinyl roofs.

If you don’t have a specialized soap to clean the exterior, a mild dish detergent in warm water will clean most of your vehicle. For more difficult soils such as tree sap, you can use vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or even mayonnaise! Just apply a small amount, use a little elbow grease, and then wash off with mild, soapy water.

The road awaits, but be sure your vehicle is ready for the road. Take excellent care of your RV, and it will take you on joyous adventures.

Article Provided by: Jackie Edwards

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